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Polypropylene Product GradeTypeKey FeaturesMelt Flow RateFlexural ModulusTensile Strength at YieldTensile Elongation at YieldNotched Izod ImpactDTUL at 66 psi
CH005HomopolymerNSF 51 Listed, UL 94 HB, USP Class VI0.5 g/10 min230,000 psi5,100 psi11%1.5 ft-lb/in94°C
CH014HomopolymerUL 94 HB, USP <87>, USP <661.1>1.3 g/10 min215,000 psi5,000 psi11%1.1 ft-lb/in92°C
CH020-01HomopolymerBarefoot2 g/10 min215,000 psi5,000 psi11%1 ft-lb/in90°C
CH020XKHomopolymerHigh Crystallinity Barrier Property2.2 g/10 min255,000 psi5,200 psi8%1 ft-lb/in100°C
CH040HomopolymerNSF 51 Listed, High Crystallinity4 g/10 min255,000 psi5,200 psi8%0.8 ft-lb/in100ºC
CH120HomopolymerBarefoot, UL 94 HB12 g/10 min240,000 psiTensile Strength @ Yield : 5,000 psi8%0.7 ft-lb/in101°C
CH120LNHomopolymerUL 94 HB, DMF Listed, USP Class VI, USP <661.1>12 g/10 min280,000 psi5,250 psi7%1 ft-lb/in119°C
CH200LN-02HomopolymerDMF Listed, Nucleated. Antistat., USP <661.1>20 g/10 min270,000 psi5,550 psi7%0.8 ft-lb/in118ºC
CH350HomopolymerReactor Grade, DMF Listed, UL 94 HB35 g/10 min240,000 psi5,400 psi7.5%0.5 ft-lb/in101ºC
CH350LNHomopolymerReactor Grade, Nucleated. Anstistat35 g/10 min284,000 psi5,600 psi6.5%0.6 ft-lb/in120ºC
CH550LNHomopolymerHigh Flow. TWIM, Nucleated. Antistat.55 g/10 min279,000 psi5,600 psi6.5%0.5 ft-lb/in120°C
CM005Impact CopolymerExcellent Impact Properties in RT & -30°C, USP Class VI, GMW17178, Stellantis MS-DB-500 CPN4002 Color: Natural0.45 g/10 min175,000 psi3,650 psi15%No Break81ºC
CM010GImpact CopolymerPhosphorus Free0.9 g/10 min175,000 psi3,650 psi12%No Break81°C
CM015GImpact CopolymerPhosphorus Free1.4 g/10 min175,000 psi3,650 psi11%No Break81°C
CM017LImpact CopolymerBarefoot1.8 g/10 min165,000 psi3,700 psi13%7.1 ft-lb/in79°C
CM090LImpact CopolymerNSF 51 Listed10 g/10 min165,000 psi3,250 psi7%2.3 ft-lb/in79°C
CM120LNImpact CopolymerNucleated. Antistat, No-Break Izod Impact, UL 94 HB12 g/10 min170,000 psi3,250 psi6%No Break97°C
CM200LNImpact CopolymerUL 94 HB, Nucleated. Antistat., No-Break Izod Impact20 g/10 min137,000 psi2,850 psi9.5%No Break92°C
CM350LNImpact CopolymerNucleated. Antistat.35 g/10 min160,000 psi3,100 psi7.2%2.3 ft-lb/in96°C
CM350LN-01Impact CopolymerReactor Grade, Nucleated. Antistat.35 g/10 min190,000 psi3,500 psi6%1.2 ft-lb/in98°C
CM500LNImpact CopolymerNucleated. Antistat., High Flow. TWIM50 g/10 min160,000 psi3,150 psi6%2 ft-lb/in95°C
CR020CLRandom CopolymerClarified. Antistat.2 g/10 min156,000 psi4,200 psi14%4 ft-lb/in75°C
CR020NRandom CopolymerNucleated2 g/10 min155,000 psi4,130 psi13%2.4 ft-lb/in85°C
CR120CL-01Random CopolymerClarified. Antistat., DMF Listed12 g/10 min145,000 psi4,000 psi14%1.5 ft-lb/in70°C
CR120LNRandom CopolymerNucleated. Antistat.12 g/10 min145,000 psi4,000 psi13%1 ft-lb/in82°C
CR350CLRandom CopolymerReactor Grade, Clarified. Antistat., DMF Listed, USP <661.1>, USP Class VI35 g/10 min150,000 psi4,050 psi14%1.2 ft-lb/in73°C
CR350CL-02Random CopolymerClarified. Slip, DMF Listed35 g/10 min145,000 psi3,950 psi14%1.4 ft-lb/in71ºC
CR350CS-01Random CopolymerReactor Grade, Clarified. Slip, DMF Listed35 g/10 min150,000 psi4,050 psi14%1.2 ft-lb/in72°C
CR750CL-02Random CopolymerClarified. Antistat., High Flow. TWIM80 g/10 min150,000 psi4,050 psi14%1 ft-lb/in74°C
CR750CLSRandom CopolymerClarified. Lube, High Flow. TWIM80 g/10 min141,000 psi3,850 psi14%1 ft-lb/in68°C
CR750LNSRandom CopolymerNucleated. Lube, High Flow. TWIM80 g/10 min138,000 psi3,650 psi14%1 ft-lb/in70°C

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