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Our History

Specialty Solvents has a long history with Phillips 66 dating back to 1875. In the late 1930s to the early 1940s, Phillips Petroleum Specialty Solvents played a vital role in the war efforts due to limited varieties of crude oil supplies. Isopentane was developed as a separate ingredient for aviation gasoline. Cyclohexane was used in the production of parachutes and other nylon products like pantyhose and toothbrush bristles. Because of its octane rating, Normal Hexane could not be used in aviation gasoline. However, it was ideal for the extraction of oils, manufacturing plastics, and for paints and varnishes.

Heptane was used in the manufacturing of adhesives and in the rubber industry. Over the years, other products were introduced into industries far removed from the gasoline business. So in 1948, Phillips Petroleum created Specialty Chemicals. In 1996, Specialty Chemicals separated into Specialty Chemicals (now Chevron Phillips Chemical Company) and Specialty Solvents.