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Product Properties

COPYLENE® CM200LN is a super high Impact copolymer with a superior balance of stiffness and impact strength. The high melt flow allows for quick filling of molds and the anti-stat and nucleation facilitates fast cycle times. It is made with a non-phthalate catalyst.

Typical PropertiesMethodValue Unit
Melt Flow Rate
ASTM D 123820 g/10 min
Density-Specific GravityASTM D 7920.9 sp. gr.
Tensile Strength @ Yield
(2 in/min)
(50 mm/min)
ASTM D 6382,850 psi
19.6 MPa.
Flexural Modulus
(0.05 in/min, 1% Secant, Procedure A)
(1 mm/min, 1% Secant, Procedure A)
ASTM D 790137,000 psi
945 MPa.
Tensile Elongation @ YieldASTM D 6389.5%
Notched Izod Impact
(73 ˚F, Method A)
(23 ˚C, Method A)
ASTM D 256No Break
DTUL at 66 psi - UnannealedASTM D 64892°C

Key Features

  • UL 94 HB
  • Nucleated. Antistat.
  • No-Break Izod Impact


  • Compounding
  • Injection Molding


Consumer & Institutional Products (Outdoor Furniture)

Furniture, Housewares, Pet Products, Medical Products