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Logistics & Distribution

Phillips 66 Solvents has a vast network of production and distribution facilities across the US, allowing us to serve our customers through multiple supply points with short lead times.

Borger Refinery

The Borger Refinery, in Borger, Texas, is about 50 miles northeast of Amarillo and processes primarily medium sour crude oil and NGL delivered through pipelines from West Texas, the Texas Panhandle and Canada. Borger has a gross NGL fractionation capacity of 22,500 BPD. Borger has two fluid catalytic cracking units, alkylation, delayed coking, hydrodesulfurization and naphtha reforming enabling us to produce a high percentage of transportation fuels and petroleum coke, NGL and solvents. Pipelines move refined products to West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and the Midcontinent region.

Sweeny Refinery

Our Sweeny Refinery, in Old Ocean, Texas, 65 miles southwest of Houston, processes mainly heavy, high-sulfur crude oil as well as some light, low-sulfur crude oil. Sweeny receives U.S.- advantaged and foreign crude oil primarily through wholly and jointly owned terminals on the Gulf Coast, including a deepwater terminal at Freeport, Texas.​

The refinery produces a high percentage of gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Other products include petrochemical feedstocks, home heating oil and fuel-grade petroleum coke. Refined products are distributed throughout the Midwest and southeastern United States by pipeline, barge and railcar.

Wood River Refinery

Located in Roxana, Illinois, the Wood River Refinery is operated by Phillips 66. The refinery processes a mix of light, low-sulfur; heavy, high-sulfur; and high-acid crude oils. The refinery produces a high percentage of transportation fuels, such as gasoline, diesel and aviation fuels. Other products include petrochemical feedstocks, asphalt and coke. Finished products leave Wood River through pipelines and by rail, barge and truck.


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