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Product Properties

A high purity hydrocarbon solvent used in variety of applications such as catalyst, chemicals, lubricants, mining, pharamceuticals and cosmetics.

Typical PropertiesMethodValue Unit
Initial Boiling Point
@ 760 mm Hg
ASTM D-86 (Unless Indicated)351.3˚F
50% Boil Distillation
@ 760 mm Hg
ASTM D-86 (Unless Indicated)360.4˚F
Dry Point
@ 760 mm Hg
ASTM D-86 (Unless Indicated)391.7˚F
Aniline PointASTM D-611184.2˚F
API Gravity @ 60 ˚FASTM D-405254.8 Degree API
Aromatics, ppmChromatography-
Benzene ContentASTM D-3606 (Modified)<1 ppm
Copper CorrosionASTM D-1301B
Density of Liquid @60 ˚FASTM D-40526.332 lbs/gal
DOT Hazard Class-3 Flam. Liq
DOT Id Number-UN 1268
Doctor TestASTM D-4952NEGATIVE
Evaporation Rate
n-Butyl Acetate = 1
ASTM D-1901>1.0
Flash PointASTM D-56 (Unless Indicated)134.6 ˚F
57 ˚C
Kauri-Butanol ValueASTM D-113328
Color, SayboltASTM D-604530
Specific Gravity of LiquidASTM D-40520.759 Specific Gravity
Sulfur ContentASTM D-4045 (Unless Indicated)<1 ppm
Vapor Pressure
@100 °F (37.8 °C)
ASTM D-5191 (Unless Indicated)0.8 psia
Water ContentASTM D-340140 ppm